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What's kickin

'Let us now define the different types of Generalized Laughter, according to the six main crystal systems:

the ordinary laugh is cubic or square (Isometric),
the chuckle is a triangle or pyramid (Tetragonal),
the giggle is a hexagon or rhomboid (Hexagonal)
the titter is prismatic (Orthorhombic),
the snicker is oblique (Monoclinic),
the guffaw is asymmetric (Triclinic)...

From Here on in, we must not think of Laughter as a laughing matter, but rather as the "matter-of-laughs."'

Thanks Robert Smithson
He wrote that and some other people wrote some other ones
And put them in cuboid books and people bought them
(Or had others buy them for them)
And they put them in bin bags and took them to the charity shops
And I went in and bought them and I could only find these ones
I couldn't find the other ones that I had in my mind
Mainly because they had filled up the shelves with Alexander McCall Smith
Mountains and mountains and mountains of Alexander McCall Smith

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